Monday, November 8, 2010

CIPK Values

·          Integrity:  We will be honest, candid, fair and constructive.  Conduct our work in an objective, fact based, and non partisan and ideological manner. 
·          Appropriately balancing transparency with the proper use of that information.  Honour our responsibilities to the public interest, consistent with the highest ethical principles.

·          Professionalism:  We effectively use our knowledge, skills, and experience to perform our duties in good faith and with integrity.  Treat others with respect and dignity; follow applicable professional and technical standards.  Exercise professional judgment and common sense.

·          Independence:  In all matters, we will make independent and objective judgments free from undue internal and external influences or pressure or other organizations impairment.

·          Public interest:  The organization will seek to protect the public trust, observe integrity, objectivity and independence in our work.  Be accountable and responsive to the government and the public.

           Excellence:  Achieving our mission demands quality, high performance standards and experienced, skilled and motivated professional workforce. We will provide high quality results on time and within budget. Make constructive recommendations to address problems and issues.

   Empowerment:  We will reward for excellence, foster continuous improvement in all staff.  Establish, encourage and enforce a climate of fair and equitable treatment for all staff. Ensure we promote teamwork, independent thinking and information sharing.

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